The Oratory in Alabama, coordinated by Rev. Catherine Myers, is located in the Mobile metropolitan area. 

For at least the last 10 years, Rev. Myers (a priest) has been involved in healing ministry.  She has worked in hospice for several years.  Along with that she has been involved with Clinical Pastoral Counseling in several different settings.  She coordinates with the Roman Catholic organizations in her locality, and has been involved with Nursing Home and Assisted Living operations.  Presently, Rev. Myers is involved with a hospital chaplaincy in Mobile; she is also looking to establish a parish in the area and needs some help with that project.  Ask her about it.

Rev. Myers has an M. Div. degree in Pastoral Theology from the Virginia Theological Seminary (Episcopal).  Her talents, however, are not limited to the sacred; she performs with the Mobile Opera Guild frequently.  She sings in the choir at the local Episcopal church and coordinates with Episcopal parishes in her area on a regular basis.  Frequently, people active in the Oratory of the Common Life have close relations with other faith communions, i.e., Episcopalian, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Utrecht Union, etc.

Rev. Myers is a priest within the Old Catholic Oratory of the Common Life.  She is presently forming a community based upon Old Catholic principles; the charism of the Oratory; and the ministerial and sacramental needs of her locality.   

For information regarding meetings and services Rev. Cathy Myers can be reached by email at:

Rev. Myers can also be reached by phone:  251-243-3333

Rev. Myers is available to officiate at weddings and committment ceremonies.  Contact her well in advance (a few months) to make arrangements.

She is also available to officiate at funerals in her area.  Contact her for information.

For information about our formation program and Holy Orders visit our Formation Program page.  In addition to the healing ministries above, the Oratory of the Common Life is interested in forming Prison Ministry; if this interests you please let us know.

As another area of interest, the Old Catholic churches received their Apostolic Succession from Dominique Marie Varlet.  Bishop Varlet began his career in Holy Orders as a missionary priest in the Louisiana Territory.  At that time the capitol of the territory was located in what is now Mobile, Alabama.  Father Varlet stayed in the Mobile area for over a year before finding transportation up country to his assigned mission.  The Oratory is planning on a research project to collect historical documentation of his activities in the area.

For information regarding the Old Catholics visit our  Old Catholic History  page.  Our main web page, linked below, has additional information and readings.


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